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Toytinmen Rule Sets

Toytinmen rule sets are designed for play with only a simple A4 quick play rule set card and a companion explanation booklet, that can be referred to, to cover both the explanations and intentions of the game.

Giving an enjoyable and stress-free game for two or more players (with or without an umpire) that give a close approximation to historical armies and their fighting capabilities.  The rules make sure that the players do not become overburdened with the smaller do's and don'ts that can bog down any attempts to recreate the most speculative recorded minutiae, that lose both the essense of the period of play and limit table-top reactions.

We believe that rule sets should allow you to perform any actions on-table that you may wish, but to let you suffer the consequences of those actions if they are unsupported by historical research and precedent.

Size and basing of figures are considered unimportant as long as they allow for independent movement of an historical unit, sub-unit, or where appropriate individual figure movement.